The year started out well with Tiffen becoming Ch.Windacre Tiffen Is the Word! Kosmo (Windacre Cause and Effect) our 6 month old male took her place and took to showing like a pro! As of the end of April he has accumulated 10 best puppy in terrier group,            4 BPIS all breeds and a group 1!




Meanwhile in England in April at National Terrier club show Rhumble received his 3rd CC and became Eng.Can.Ch.Windcare Ready to Rhumble! Rhumble is the first Canadian bred and owned westie to become an English champion!


BC_TER3 (2).jpg


In America in Jan. Waldo finished his Am.CH. and is now Can.Am.Ch.Windacre Where is Waldo! Bravo took over in the USA and he finished at the San Francisco Bay westie club specialty in April becoming Can.Am.Ch.Windacre Game Changer!


I am bursting with pride and I can't imagine what else is in store this year!


The year ended with our dear Kosmo as top terrier puppy and #3 all breed puppy! Home to relax and mature, he may hit the ring some next year!


 Kosmo BPIS - Copy.jpg


The highlight of the year was hosting the Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club national specialty and my summer visit to England, where Rhumble is currently on loan.

The National took place on June 29th and we were fortunate to have Tracy and Ray Gaydon (Gilbri) from England to judge. It was wonderful to meet new westie friends and renew old aquaintances!

At the end of August it was off to England for a visit with Sue Thomson (Ashgate) and Rhumble (Ch.Windacre Ready to Rhumble). Sue had the judging assignment for westies at the World Dog Show in Finland, so we flew to Helsinki. The hospitalty of the Finnish people was out of this world! We were treated like stars!

Coming back to earth or rather England it was off to the Welsh KC shows with Rhumble. I was so pleased and excited to see him receive best dog for his first CC! You need 3 to be an English CH. English entries are about 10X our Canadian so it is more difficult especially when you have to compete against already champions! The weekend after I left he was best and breed for his 2nd CC and went on the win a Group 3rd!

I returned on Aug.18 to find Ruby had her pups the day before! There were 4 (2-2) and I have kept 2 hopefuls, Asta (Windacre Vision In White) and Kosmo (Windacre Cause and Effect).

In Nov. Rhoswen (Windacre White Rose) had her first litter by Ch.Windacre White Knight ROM. There were 3 (2 boys and 1 girl). I kept on of the boys, Gibbs (Windacre White On White) so next year should be fun!








Our year started out with Rhumble, Windacre Ready to Rhumble finishing his CH. and winning 2 best puppy in groups. He is now at home to relax. Babs, Windacre Diamond in the Ruff and Bravo, Windacre Game Changer took his place at the shows. They both completed their championship and Bravo at only 7 months!

In February we had a litter by Ch.Matyas Bila Amfora and I kept his son, Maestro for is growing well and hopes to go to some shows this fall. We also kept a wee girl, Rhoswen, so we will be getting them ready to hit the shows soon.

Waldo and I went to shows in Vernon at the beginning of July. He was BOB at 2 shows and has now received some points toward his grand champion status.

In July we are hoping to have a litter by Rhumble and Ella. This will be his first.

Ella's litter arrived on the same day as the new prince, so they are the Royal litter! The 1 boy and 2 girls did well and I have kept Josie (Windacre In Royal Fashion) so we will see how she grows!

Maestro made his show debut winning BOB and a BPIG his first weekend. He now has 4 points towards his championship and will return to the shows after winter.

Clara (Ch.Windacre Soul Sister) who had 7 pups last Nov. was bred to our Wallace (Can.Am.Ch.Windacre Watchword Wallace ROM) and didn't she have a repeat performance and had 7 again! This time she had 3 boys and 4 girls.




2012 News

Our show year started with Maty finishing has CH. in 3 weekends and is now CH.Matyas Bila Amfora. He is now at home growing up!


The long weekend in July saw 3 all breed shows and the westie national in Merritt. My 2 pups, Waldo (Windacre Where Is Waldo) and Babs (Windacre Diamond in the Ruff) were there for their first shows. Waldo did very well winning best terrier puppy 2 shows and a best puppy all breeds one of them! Babs beat him at 1 show and received a best puppy in group.


The following weekend we were off to Vernon where Waldo received his first CH. points. He left for Van.Is. were he received 6 more and finished his CH. in Kamlooops labour day weekend!


We had some lovely pups this year and have kept 2 from Rhys (Ch.Windacre White Knight) and Tasha (Ch.Brait Nouz Jivanshi).The boy, Rhumble (Windacre Ready to Rhumble) and Trinket (Windacre Tried True) will hopefully be stars in 2013.

In November we had a lovely litter of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls)! The mother is Clara, Ch.Windacre Soul Sister and the sire is NZ.Can.Ch. Whitebriar Jaw Dropper, who is #1 terrier and #5 all breeds for 2012!

December saw Babs and Rhumble attend 3 shows. Babs picked up 7 championship points and Rhumble at just 6 months received 3 points! They are both hoping to finish their CH. in early 2013!


2011 News

Not much action at the shows for us. Ella (Windacre Fashion Statement) went to 2 shows this spring and has 2 points. I will show her and Rio at Vernon this summer.


In Feb. we had puppies. Jewel (Ch.Windacre Jewel in the Crown) and Rio had


3 (2 males and 1 female). Jewel retired to a couch on Vancouver Island, so we kept her daughter, Ruby (Windacre Crowned Jewel). Look for Ruby at the shows in the fall. Ceinwen (Ch.Windacre Ceinwen Conspiracy) had a litter by Rhys 4 (2, 2). Ceinwen too has retired.


In May we had our first litter from Tasha (Ch.Brat Nouz Jivanshi) who came to us from Russia. Tasha was bred to Wallace and they had 3 pups (1 male, 2 females). They are big fat puppies!


We plan to breed Marta (Windacre Prime Meridian) to Rhys and also Bling for her first time to Rhys. 2011 will be the year of the puppies!


In August, Clara went to her first shows in Victoria. She managed to receive 7 points and also was Group 3rd the last day. Her second set of shows was in Kamloops where she finished her CH. and became Ch.Windacre Soul Sister.


Rio (Ch.Windacre All about Rio) decided to try for his Am.Ch. He received a 3 point major his first weekend. He is home now to wait for future shows.


Our 6 month old Ruby (Windacre Crowned Jewel) went to Kamloops to keep Clara company and her very first show she was best puppy in group and went on to be best puppy in show (all breeds). There were 4 shows in Kamloops and she won BPIG all 4. Ruby was at the Skaha KC shows September 9th to 11th and she picked up 2 more BPIGs and 4 points towards her CH.


Also in Sept. we were happy to receive 2 new puppies from Europe, Matyas from the Czech Republic and Jolie from Poland. Thank you Jana and Anna!


They have fit in well and we look forward to their bright future.


2010 News

In February, Dot (Windacre Dippity Do Dot) started her show career and finished her championship quickly. We had a litter of 2 boys by Wallace and Jewel and at the beginning of March a litter of 3 boys by Ceinwen and Rhys.


What's with all the boys! In April, Tasha went to the Canadian WHWT Club national and was winner female and best of winners and by the end of the weekend had 9 points! May saw the beginning of bling's show career. Her first weekend she was not only best of winners but on the middle day was BOB and BPIG, Group 1 and BPIS! Not bad for 10 months! Also in May Tasha received the point she need to become a Canadian champion and Bling received her 2nd and 3 BPIG and another BPIS.


Our dear Pleasure has retired and now has a couch on Vancouver Island. Well deserved!


In May we sent a 5 month old puppy to Anne Pelizzoni in France. We hope Anne has much success with this wee girl.


It is with great sadness that we must report that at the beginning of May , we lost our wonderful deerhound, Gandalf to bone cancer. He is sorely missed. We had the opportunity to babysit a litter of deerhounds for his breeder, Lynne Bruce from day 2 to 7 weeks. From that litter we now have friends for our westies - Gretna and Luther.


The next westie to hit the show ring was Bling (Windacre Diamonds Are Forever). She finished her CH. very quickly and also received 3 best puppy in group and 2 best puppy in show all breeds and a terrier group 1st! She is back at home and hopes to become a mother in 2011.


With my dogs at home, I left for England in June. I had a wonderful time staying with Sue Thomson (Ashgate) and Jacky Ash (Hillcloud). I was just off the plane and judging at a small show near Taunton! Then we were off to Scotland and the Border Union shows. Then we packed up for the journey to Denmark and the World show! I really enjoyed seeing all the westies and meeting people I had only emailed or spoken to on the phone. My Finnish friends, Harri and Carita were there with a gift - a new mamma moomin bowl!


I use it everyday for my oatmeal! After the world show it was Windsor. I saw many beautiful westies , several who I would have liked to bring home. Great trip!


In September it was the turn of Rio (Windacre All About Rio) and Lacey (Mysticgold Windacre Legacy). Rio received 5 points his first weekend and also a best puppy in group. He finished his CH. the following weekend.


Lacey is also now a CH. and received 3 best puppy in groups. Also a half-brother to Rio, John Angus, (Windacre at Haeloganlane) became a CH. JA lives in New Brunswick with Pat Logan-Hale.


We had 2 litters in Dec. Coco (Ch.Windace in a Timely Fashion) and Rhys (Ch.Windacre White Knight) had 4 (1 male, 3 females) on the 7th and Poppet (Ch.Windacre Pride and Providence) and Rio had 5 (1 male, 4 females) on Dec. 30th which happens to be my birthday!


2009 News

Our year started well with Coco, CH. Windacre in a Timely Fashion finishing her title.


Trace who left us for the kennel of Elena Lapina (Braut Nouz) after 2 shows has become Can.RUS.Ch.Windacre Word Perfect and has several new litters in Russia. Way to go, Trace! At the end of May he travelled to Finland where he received his first CAC.


The 3 pups from our litters of last summer have started their careers. Rhys (Ch.Windacre White Knight), his sister, Jewel (Ch.Windacre Jewel in the Crown) in very short order completed their titles. Rhys also has 6 BPIG and2 BPIS, all breeds!


Our 3rd puppy, Marta (Windacre Prime Meridian) has started with a 2 point win.


Wallace has returned home and we are awaiting 2 litters by him due in July. He is very happy to be home and is now retired from his world travels.


In July 2 litters arrived. The first 1m, 2f for Wallace and Marley. We kept a female, Bling, who will be shown in 2010. The other was Artie and Pleasure, 2m, 2f. One of the boys went to New Brunswick to Pat Logan-Hale.


John Angus has completed his Canadian championship. Thanks to Pat and John Angus!


In September, Tasha (Brait Nouz Jivanshi) arrived from Russia. Because there is some hoops to jump through to register Russian born dogs in Canada, Tasha will have to wait for 2010 to be shown. We also had a litter from Artie and Coco, 1m, 2f. Ella and Rio are with us and will be shown next year.


At the end of Novenber our last litter for the year arrived. Poppet and Rhys had 1 m, 4f. We chose hopefully the best of that litter to go to France (insert img 1834) to live with Anne Pelizzoni.


2008 News

In the first part of 2008 2 of our westies became champions. The first was Ceinwen, (CH.Windacre Ceinwen Conspiracy) followed quickly by Trace, (Ch.Windacre Word Perfect). In October, Trace left us for Russia, where he now resides with Elena Lapina (Brait Nouz kennel). We wish Trace success in his new home.


Our young boy, Artie (Windacre Artful Dodger) started his show career in June winning 4 BPIGs and he currently has 8 championship points and 6 BPIGs. He will hopefully finish his CH. by the end of the year. Our young female, Poppet (Windacre Pride and Providence) successfully finished her Ch. Once Poppet finished it was time for Coco (Windacre in a Timely Fashion) to start. She has a BPIG and 1 point so far so hopefully next year she will be a champion.
South of the border our Ty, who is bred and co-owned by us, and his owners, Dave and Joanne Baxter were thrilled to have him become Can.Am.Ch.Windacre Moment in Tyme at the Puget Sound WHWTC show. 2 titles before his 2nd birthday! Way to go TY!
We are also happy to report that Loke (Can.N.Ch.Windacre Mischief Maker) became our first Norwegian champion this year. Thank you so much to Thor and Tove Naas (Scanrose kennel) for thrill.
In June we had a lovely litter of 6 pups (3-3) by Can.Am.Ch.Dawn's Disorder N' the Court JE RA out of our Pleasure. 2 of the youngsters remain with us, Rhys (Windacre White Knight) and Jewel (Windacre Jewel in the Crown). Watch for them along with Marta (Windacre Prime Meridian) born July 3 by Ch.Windacre'Tis the Season and Windacre Marvellous Marley.


2007 News


Sept. 2007 Lambert finished his Can.Ch. with a BOB and a Group 3rd.


Oct. 2007  Ceinwen started her show career and won several BPIGs and became Lambert's first Can.Ch. offspring, after 3 shows.
In Dec. Polly and Trace were off to the shows. Trace was undefeated in the classes and became Wallace's 10th champion in Feb 2008 at 10 months. Polly did well also and has 6 points and will be back in the ring in April 2008.

2007 started out with 2 Windacre westies finishing their championship titles. The first was Pleasure, Ch.Windacre Pure Pleasure in February, then it was Ty, Ch.Windacre Moment in Tyme in March. Ty lives and is co-owned by Dave and Joanne Baxter, and received 2 BPIS all breeds his first time out!


2006 News


In April it was puppytime. On April 12 Kari, Clangael's Charisma gave birth to 6 lovely pups by Ch.Windacre 'Tis the Season.  On the 29 we had a litter of 3 (2 males, 1 female) from Windacre Lucky Charm bred to Wallace.
In June, D'Arcy (Ch.Windacre Sense and Sensibility) was off to California to compete for his Am.Ch. D'Arcy took 2 - 5 point majors! The first at the Southern California WHWT Club show and the other at Great Western. He returned to Olympia KC show in August and finished his Am.Ch. D'Arcy is Wallace's younger brother and he is owned by Kevin and Eileen Howells.


On July 2, Wallace left for Europe, where he resides in France with Katharina Round, Champernoune westies. He will be attending shows there for a few months. Good luck Wallace and Kate!
July saw us back in the show ring. I showed Murphy (Ty's brother) and he became Ch.Windacre Murphy's Law at Vernon. I then showed Lambert (Hu.Gr.Ch.Happy White Wow-Wow) and the first show he took Best of winners for 2 points and the second show he was given BOB for another 2 points. We are hoping he will finish in early September at his next shows. We'll keep you up dated.